• Rach and Laur Explore
    Teufelsberg, Berlin... read on! Berlin culture has often been regarded as synonymous with the rise of the techno music scene, but it also has an indisputable tumultuous past. Whether it be the soaring TV tower that once stood as a symbol of communist power commanding the gaze of the city, or the memorial plaques for holocaust victims on every street corner, it’s impossible to walk through the streets and forget this city’s controversial past. Because Read More
  • Rach and Laur Explore
    In our experience telling family and friends about our adventure, their first question is often "why?" That question inspired us to write this blog post detailing why each of us are pursuing this adventure! The Germans have a knack for creating words that describe feelings I previously thought indefinable. These visceral words allowed me to hone in on a specific, seemingly intangible emotion, and for it to become something of a mantra. For me, this Read More


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