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    Switzerland is home to many of the world’s most impressive mountain views, the most famous among them being the Jungfrau and the Matterhorn. Less famous, and therefore less touristed, is Fronalpstock, a mountain situated in the Schwyzer Alps. Atop this mountain there is a small village and ski town called Stoos, boasting only around 100 inhabitants. Though this mountain is not the most popular attraction for American tourists, it’s become a must see for us Read More
  • Rach and Laur Explore
    The morning after Quentin’s birthday party... we were surprisingly spry! We all set out on a walk, but this was not your typical walk around the neighborhood. The fairytale began when we entered a woodland path that opened up to beautiful pastures with grazing cows. We spotted a newborn calf finding its legs, and we, of course, had to stop and coo. Lining the path were bushes of wild blackberries which also had us stopping Read More
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    We arrived in Switzerland a little ragged. Having not slept the night before our early morning flight, we crashed on the short plane ride from Berlin to Basel. We were met by some of Rachel’s cousins, Patricia and Sonia, with bisous (kisses) and croissants. Carbs and kisses would continue to be a theme throughout our stay with them in Switzerland. After driving through the French and Swiss countryside, we arrived at the home of Gilles Read More
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    Teufelsberg, Berlin... read on! Berlin culture has often been regarded as synonymous with the rise of the techno music scene, but it also has an indisputable tumultuous past. Whether it be the soaring TV tower that once stood as a symbol of communist power commanding the gaze of the city, or the memorial plaques for holocaust victims on every street corner, it’s impossible to walk through the streets and forget this city’s controversial past. Because Read More
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    In our experience telling family and friends about our adventure, their first question is often "why?" That question inspired us to write this blog post detailing why each of us are pursuing this adventure! The Germans have a knack for creating words that describe feelings I previously thought indefinable. These visceral words allowed me to hone in on a specific, seemingly intangible emotion, and for it to become something of a mantra. For me, this Read More


  • Jeff Kokoskie

    The only thing missing was a trip to the Swiss Transportation Museum in Lucerne…..perfect way to cap off the trip for an engineer! lol. Excellent description of the mountains and the city, but like anything Swiss, words by themselves can’t describe the beauty and majesty of the mountains and the country.

  • Renee

    Truly wonderful!
    I feel like I am there!
    I just wish we had “taste-o-vision”.
    Please keep the travelogues coming!
    I enjoy them so!!

  • Mindy

    Thank you for being so descriptive. I travel through my friends when I can’t get there myself. I can almost taste the cheese and picture Lucerne and the alps!

  • Kirk Barbieri

    Seriously??? You used the word “funicular” in your blog post! Shouldn’t you be writing my dissertation during your year-long travel adventure? Ha, ha!

    Beautiful countryside, great cheese fondue, and goats – you are definitely in Switzerland! Travel safely.

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